You Will Always Be Mine
You Will Always Be Mine

You Will Always Be Mine

Scarlet Rose Book 4

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As Maud and Guilhem prepare for their wedding by day, at night they continue to put on their masks for justice for the lost and forgotten. They seem to have the most perfect connection and truest love. Only the approach of a grand ball casts a shadow on their relationship, for Maud must beware of the impetuous Natalia, the one who bears the ring that belonged to Guilhem's father. And Guilhem, torn between a secret he dares not share even with his beloved Maud, makes a decision that may throw them into turmoil forever! Will Maud, who can't stand all the pomp and circumstance of the French elite, learn to fight in lace and a petticoats? Will Guilhem abandon the woman he loves? Find out in this exciting new volume!


Mallar » Kitablar » Kids » For Years 9-12
İSBN: 9781545801604
Vəziyyət: New
Malın kodu: 22401
Ölçülər: 170 x 236 x 13 mm
Cildətmə: Hardcover
Səhifələrin nömrəsi: 96
Buraxılış Tarixi: 02.07.2019
Dil: English

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