Invitation, The
Invitation, The

Invitation, The

New Testament

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This is your invitation to find Hope. The dreams that energize us always seem destined to pass away-a promotion comes but the new job grows old, a wedding day passes and a thrilling romance turns routine, a dream house becomes just another place to live.

Each one leaves us looking for the the next hope that will lift our spirits. There is one hope, though, that never wears out, never disappoints, and never leaves our emotions drained.

You are invited to discover this hope-an every day relationship with Jesuis Christ. He will give you a hope that doesn't fade and He will make each day feel like the gift from God that it truly is.

This New Testament will help you discover that relationship.

Explore it, and as you turn each page, you will find that this is your invitation to find real hope and live the life you have always wanted.


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İSBN: 9781586403348
Vəziyyət: Used - Good
Malın kodu: 1888
Ölçülər: 102 x 137 x 20 mm
Cildətmə: Paperback
Səhifələrin nömrəsi: 251
Buraxılış Tarixi: 01.01.2003
Dil: English

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