Lily's Water Woes
Lily's Water Woes

Lily's Water Woes

Wild Fairies Book 2

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Prepare your wings and listen closely: the wild fairies are now in bloom and popping up in a forest near you!

Lily's Water Woes follows wild fairy (and mermaid) Lily, who is feeling left out. While her fairy friends get to travel to beautiful beaches and lush forests, Lily is always stuck at home, unable to be away from the water for very long. Her froggy pal, Splash, tries his best to cheer her up, but Lily still wishes she could stay out late and play like the other fairies. Wanting to help their friend, the fairies come together to build an awesome surprise for Lily that just might make it easier for her to travel beyond her small pond.

İSBN: 9781635651348
Vəziyyət: New
Malın kodu: 17382
Ölçülər: 140 x 183 x 8 mm
Cildətmə: Paperback
Səhifələrin nömrəsi: 96
Buraxılış Tarixi: 12.02.2019
Dil: English

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